Laval Virtual Asia 2017

Qingdao (China) - 9th to 11th November 2017

VR World Leader Event


  • City Media
  • Dawa
  • Fangshuo
  • Fule Qingdao
  • Goertek
  • Goldon
  • Hangxun Qingdao
  • Jinhaihengxiang
  • Metavers 360
  • NF
  • Pico
  • Qiheng
  • Qingdao Publishing Group
  • Sheencity
  • Sidimu
  • Starur
  • VR联盟 (VR Connection)
VR Connection is the first French virtual reality hub. 
Launched in November 2016, VR-Connection draws its strength from a unique concept: we gather more than 60 independent French companies. By biding the French expertise and savoir-faire all together, we are a force of proposal, production, creation and innovation for any sectors. We address all kind of companies. VR connection will open its Chinese branch in 2018 by the name of VR联盟. 
« Each project is indeed different. That is why our teams are modular and we call on our whole hub to find the more fitting solution » Alexandre Ibanez, co-founder, VR Connection
  • VRcore
  • Weilai
  • Yuke
  • Ztyiqu

Contact us

Anne-Sophie CLAYER

Project Manager

smartphone+33 6 42 11 74 83

Charlène YAO

Representative in China/Asia

smartphone+86 18105320663